Say Hello

Well, hello!

I am delighted and slightly scared to announce that I am launching this blog.  There isn’t much here yet, but over the new few months this should turn into a varied collection of pieces relating to Toronto’s history and heritage.

As it is, I am a semi-regular writer of Toronto historical-interest pieces, which one can find in historical society newsletters and scattered about the internet.  This blog will see me experiment with different styles of written pieces, some of which may get cross-posted to other places.  I don’t want to give away what I have planned just yet, but my overall aim to find new ways of making Toronto’s history more accessible and interesting to the general public.

As a rule, I tend to keep commentary to a minimum in my published pieces, operating on the principle that the facts and source material are interesting enough on their own, when expressed correctly.  I expect to stick with this narrative style in my historical interest pieces but will, from time to time, post some more casual items, such as this post itself. 

Let me also say that I seem to have picked a very volatile time in Toronto heritage affairs to start this blog.  As I write this, the future of many Toronto heritage institutions is uncertain, with Heritage Toronto and the ten city-operated museums facing potential privatization, and the possibility of Heritage Preservation Services being largely restructured at city hall.  In time, I hope to be able to report on these events and condense these developments in an easy-to-understand way.  As I am just starting this blog, however, it may take some time before I can write about every such development in a meaningful way, especially if I want to get posts up in a timely fashion.

I ask for readers’ indulgence as I simultaneously experiment with new kinds of research, narrative style, and the various features offered by WordPress.

Wish me luck!