Update: Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Part 1

As you can see by the name of this post, Part 2 isn’t ready yet.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to my post about the generation gap in Toronto’s history and heritage community.  Veterans and rookies have been in touch, offering ideas and articulating further problems that I had not originally considered.

My initial plan was to post follow-ups right away, but I now realize that I should be expanding the scope.  For example, I was planning to suggest reasons why young history fans should help support their local neighbourhood historical society by becoming members and attending events.  However, several young people got in touch, saying they have been stymied in their efforts to find active volunteer roles with their local historical society.  Clearly, this is another factor which needs to be addressed.

My hope is to get my next post on the subject up by the end of this coming weekend.  It will be by no means comprehensive as, ultimately, I can only write from my own personal experiences, but I am working to take on board all the ideas which have been expressed to me over the past week by enthusiastic Toronto people.

Thanks again for all your constructive feedback and for getting a dialogue going.  I hope to have some of my thoughts wrangled and posted soon!


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