Who I Am

ilooklikethisGreetings! I (David Wencer) have a variety of skills and interests, but for the purposes of the blog I am mainly a researcher and writer of popular (and unpopular) history relating to Toronto and its environs. More recently, I have also become interested in ideas surrounding heritage lifestyles, and would like to expand the notion of heritage advocacy beyond protecting historic buildings.

Currently, I am one of the regular contributors to Historicist, the award-winning weekend history column of Torontoist. In the time that I have been part of the Historicist team (which includes the much-talented Jamie Bradburn and Kevin Plummer), Historicist has won silver in its category at 2013 Canadian Online Publishing Awards, and gold for best blog at the National Magazine Awards. Individually, I also won an Award of Merit at the 2013 Heritage Toronto Awardss.

My work has also been used for other heritage-related purposes, including walking tours, special events, and the nominating of buildings for heritage designation, much of this work on behalf of or in connection with the West Toronto Junction Historical Society. I also serve on the Etobicoke York Community Preservation Panel.

If you wish to tell me that something I have written is factually inaccurate or boring, or want to contact me for any other reason, feel free to e-mail me at wencer[at]umpire.com, or get my attention on Twitter. Or just come up and talk to me in person, as that seems to work pretty well, too.

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